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2011 Update to Interview with Bob Suter
Master Seven Interview by Tom Beninate
Copy Editor: Susan Castellano
Oct 2, 2011

What new projects have you been working on since our last interview?

Oh! Where to start? Being a pastor first always involves new projects and always keeps me very busy in many different ways. But as far as the music thing goes we are trying to invest in others at this time. I have helped to record, mix, and master several other projects this year and I am working on several more even now, one of which is a very talented young country singer. Most of her tracks are done and we are now waiting to get her in for vocals. Once her vocals are tracked then we will bring in some background singers and I can finish up my lead guitar tracks where needed. I have also been working with a friend of mine, a wonderful songwriter with a great voice. You may have caught his song on Facebook titled “Hold Me There” by Drew DiRoma. We did this project via the Internet which is so awesome that we can do this. Man, isn’t technology great or what? People no longer have any excuses with not getting their music out there. Just network, get connected, and make it happen. Other than that I have also been blessed enough to write many new songs myself, hopefully getting some of those out as singles first and CD to come later.

How did you work with Drew via the Internet? What technologies did you use?

We used sendspace.com to send and receive larger files and we both work with Sonar Producer so it was really easy. In the past I have also done this with people using other programs and really it works great [whether] folks use PCs [or] Macs. The key is not to trim the files. This way they just set themselves right into place – smooth as they say. I have even worked with folks who use MP3 format and … that works great as well.

How are you using Facebook and YouTube as marketing tools to get your music out to the public?

[I’m] still learning all that, my friend. I have a hard time promoting myself, always did. Somehow it doesn't feel right to me and so I struggle a lot. Maybe one day I'll have the backing and I won't have to deal with it. Still the same I have done some, trying to keep people aware of what I am doing, where I am playing, and how to listen to and purchase my music. YouTube is great because we can record our live shows with an iPhone and just put it up. Nothing fancy just a clear picture of who we are and how we sound live. I believe that this is really important to our fans that we have and also for those we are trying to reach…. Reverb Nation [is] another great site that is really designed for musicians. There can be some charge and advance offerings but what they offer all helps the artist to do what they do best. I really enjoy working with them. The bottom line is you need to get out into as many … [of] the social networks as you can…. What I really like about Reverb Nation is that they help by connecting them all together in one place. [It] makes managing them … much easier. For the record I manage 7 or more of these types [of] sites and I am in 70+ download sites as well like Amazon and iTunes. Today it's all about computers so we got to do what we got to do.

What instruments, gear or studio upgrades, are you planning for the next year?

Not sure at this point as far as gear goes. Right now I am really pleased with what I've got all the way around. You got to be careful these days. The music biz can be a dark hole, especially when it comes to gear and recording. I do want another Wechter Acoustic and wouldn't mind checking out their new electric either. Then again I have also always wanted a Reverend guitar as well. [It’s] hard to say my friend. One thing I have thought about was upgrading to better cabling. Good cables REALLY make a difference. Then again maybe a new chair would be nice.
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